Advanced search, new categories, improved exact match and other updates

Feb 27, 2019
21k wyświetlenia

In this post, we will talk about new updates over the past 3 weeks.

We continue to improve the section with articles. To simplify the search for articles, we added 2 options: Advanced Search and search by journal title. Advanced search is located under the search field and allows you to filter articles by publication year (for example, from 2005 to 2008). The second improvement makes it possible to search by journal title.

The following update applies to both articles and books. The search page now also displays the number of search results. You can immediately see if something was found according to your search query on other section of the site. For example, if you are looking for books on the subject “Kyoto History”, you will immediately see if there are articles on this topic.

Finally, the changes have affected the list of categories. We reworked it: made it more simple, but at the same time more functional and clearer.

And the last, we improved the “Exact match” option: now only those results that strictly correspond to the search query are displayed. To use it, you need to place your search query in “”, for example, “American Dictionary”.


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R. David Lankes