Główna Irish Theological Quarterly

Irish Theological Quarterly

Wydawnictwo: Sage Publications
ISSN: 0021-1400 / 1752-4989


The Irish Theological Quarterly is a refereed journal of systematic, moral, and historical theology, and of sacred scripture, founded in the Pontifical University at St Patricks College, Maynooth. It is committed to the advancement of constructive and critical scholarship in these areas and welcomes to its pages theologians from the international forum. Whereas its primary emphasis is on classical and contemporary theological issues, it also invites contributions from ancillary disciplines (such as philosophy, classical studies, and the social sciences) inasmuch as they have a direct bearing on theological reflection. Rooted in the Catholic tradition, the ITQ aims to be a place of discussion that is informed by this tradition, but it encourages equally an ecumenical and interfaith exchange in its presentations. The ITQ carries articles by leading theologians who are international experts in their respective fields and is also a forum for young theologians to publish their research findings. It furnishes competent book reviews to keep readers informed about the current state of scholarship in theology, biblical studies, church history and cognate disciplines. It aims to provide commentary on intellectual developments that are of theological interest.

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