Główna Reviews in Religion & Theology

Reviews in Religion & Theology

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley and Sons
ISSN: 1350-7303 / 1467-9418


Every year the amount published in the area of theology and religious studies increases and diversifies. RRT offers an accessible informed and up-to-date guide to contemporary developments and publishing in religion and theology providing a forum in which the latest publications are evaluated and discussed. RRT aims to provide clearly written constructive and prompt reviews of the vast range of publications in theology and religious studies or that are of relevance to those interested in these fields (for example in anthropology cultural studies history literature or philosophy). Each issue draws upon a range of contributors some regular some occasional. The bulk of the reviews in each issue are written by a team of 20-25 Regular Contributors the vast majority of whom are young scholars and academics. Reviews draw upon the latest research in a wide variety of fields from biblical studies to the study of the worlds religions. Call for Contributions: We are always looking to develop our pool of reviewers. If you are interested in writing occasional reviews for RRT please contact the Editor identifying your current areas of interest. We welcome suggestions for new features and columns or comments on the current content of RRT. Reviews fall into three categories: review essays (1500-2000 words) reviews (600-1000 words) and short notices (200-500 words). In addition there are a number of regular and occasional columns: Stateside Commentary Recent Books in. . . and Once More. Reviews must offer an objective accessible reasoned open and informative discussion of the publication(s) in question. Why should any one want to buy/read this particular publication It is very good news that Blackwells are relaunching RRT under Dr Isabel Wollastons editorship. In its last five years RRT has given rapid intelligent responses to a very large number of new books and it has constantly shown how vibrant and varied the field is. It has become a journal of first resort for learning what is currently being published. It now promises in the hands of one of the leading publishers of journals to build on its last five years and take its place along side longer established journals as essential reading in order to keep up with both literature and comment in theology and religious studies. Professor David Ford University of Cambridge UK I am very happy to commend RRT to all those who are interested in contemporary theology. It provides introduction to trends in theology and religious studies by its accessible and constructive reviews of the latest publications. Professor Chris Rowland University of Oxford UK RRT offers an accessible point of entry into the lively world of contemporary British theology and religious studies. At the same time the journal is broadly international and ecumenical combining book reviews and commentary from a wide variety of authors. Americans will find RRT a refreshing change of pace from the atmosphere of AAR/SBL. Garrett Green Connecticut College New London Connecticut USA.

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